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Contemplating when to start wedding planning?  Dive into this article and discover the perfect timing to start your wedding planning journey. Whether you’re having a long engagement or planning a last-minute wedding, AdExperience Events has the insights you need.

Just got engaged? Congratulations! Amidst the joy and excitement, the flurry of questions from well-meaning family and friends about wedding planning is inevitable. But, how soon should you dive into the nitty-gritty of planning your big day? This guide, specially crafted by AdExperience Events, will help you discern when to start wedding planning.

Navigating the Post-Engagement Period: When to Start Wedding Planning?

The Key Conversation: Engagement Length

Though we advocate for savoring the post-engagement bliss, one important discussion should follow soon after the ring exchange. Together, decide when to start wedding planning and whether you prefer a long or short engagement. Each has its benefits and can significantly impact your wedding planning timeline. No need to set a wedding date just yet, but having an estimated timeframe is worthwhile.

Long Engagement (More than 18 Months)

With a longer engagement, you can approach wedding planning at a leisurely pace, reducing stress and allowing more time for decision making. Furthermore, with the flexibility of your timeframe, most wedding vendors in the New York/New Jersey and the Tri-State Area would likely be available, even those offering destination services.

When to start wedding planning

Average Engagement (About a Year)

Most couples enjoy an engagement period of around 13 months – a timeframe that strikes a balance between savoring the engagement period and maintaining planning momentum. This stage offers sufficient time to establish a budget, begin venue research, and estimate the guest count without rushing.

Short Engagement (Less than a Year)

If you’re keen on moving from “just engaged” to “just married” in less than a year, that’s entirely okay! Take a couple of weeks to bask in the joy of engagement before launching into the specifics of your wedding.

Ultra-Short Engagement (Six Months or Less)

Planning your wedding on a condensed timeframe? No need for panic! A successful wedding could be planned in a week if needed. Take a couple of days to adjust, and then kick-start your planning with a wedding planning checklist.

When to start wedding planning?: Your Wedding Planning Journey

Once you’ve relished the post-engagement phase, it’s time to delve into planning. Here are the initial steps in your wedding planning journey:

1. Choose between a Destination or Local Wedding:

Your choice significantly impacts your budget, as weddings in major cities tend to cost more than those in rural areas.

2. Set Your Budget:

Use a cost guide to understand costs in your area. Discuss with stakeholders and establish your total budget.

3. Define Your Wedding Style:

Rustic, classic, glam, or boho? A defined style helps narrow down venues and create a day that feels uniquely yours.

4. Create a Guest List:

An estimated guest count helps choose a venue of the right size.

5. Hire a Wedding Planner:

Consider hiring a wedding planner to guide you through the process. A planner can help you pick a venue and coordinate other vendor bookings.

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6. Pick Your Wedding Party:

Choose your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other attendants.

7. Select a Venue and Set a Date:

Once you’ve picked your venue, you’ve officially set your wedding date!

8. Hire Wedding Vendors:

This includes caterers, florists, officiants, photographers, and more.

In conclusion,

While the journey from engagement to your big day might seem long and overwhelming, having a clear timeline and knowing when to start wedding planning can make the process smoother and more enjoyable. Whether your engagement is short or long, taking the time to celebrate this significant milestone, followed by step-by-step planning, will ensure your special day is memorable and stress-free.

Still wondering when to start wedding planning? Remember that AdEXperience Events is here to support you with all your wedding planning needs in New York, New Jersey, the Tri-State area, and for those eye-catching destination weddings. Enjoy your engagement and when ready, start the exciting journey of planning your perfect day. Contact us today for personalized, professional wedding planning services!




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